Becky and the Genre Cycle program have given me the structure I was looking for in order to live my life and lose weight. Planning my meals (which gets easier the more you do it) getting my step count up and fitting in some great spin and Pound classes all mean that my weight is coming down. My shape is changing and I have way more energy. I’m grateful to have started with Genre Cycle and with their support I will continue happily on my journey to reclaiming my health and fitness. Thanks Becky!

Emma, Ireland

I cannot tell you how glad I am to have joined Becky’s weight loss plan. Its the one area that I have always given myself an easy ride in and often quit when the going gets tough. Becky checks in on me, supports me by factoring in home life and holds me accountable. There are easy to follow video guides to help you track your nutrition and the workouts are so much fun. I know that at the end , I’m going to be in a better place than I am now. Thank you so much!

Toyah, UK

Working with Becky through the program has been a very natural process for me. As someone who has come up against all the hurdles of female health and fitness Becky has created a very practical program around everyday living. Within a few weeks it all became second nature and not once have I felt deprived. I would highly recommend the Genre 90 day fat loss plan.

Lorna, Ireland

I have been training with Becky one to one on the Fat loss plan for four months now. It is honestly the best decision I have ever made. Becky is the most committed and driven trainer I have ever worked with. I found the plan easy to follow and most of all I am able to manage it around my work and family. Thanks Genre Cycle!

Kelly, Oman

I have to give you credit again. Today was my 1st day back in the office and I felt great over the past five months you have helped me get back to a more comfortable me by using the 3 months plan and losing 7kg plus inches all over and hopefully more to come. Thanks, Becky!

Shanie, Dubai

You are the first person to help me realize that I can live my life and lose weight and get healthy at the same time…long goals and achievements over fast loss only to be back to square one and fed up. You make it manageable and inspire me to keep going.

Maria, Malta

Love you Becky! Your spirit and your dedication! You are an amazing trainer and motivator!

Mel, Bahrain